The General Bookstore is your off-campus alternative for KSU textbooks, school supplies, clothing, and more.  We proudly serve the students of Kennesaw State University by stocking the largest inventory of USED textbooks to save you, the student, money. We package new codes with USED textbooks to save you money. We RENT thousands of textbook titles to save you money! We sell old edition alternatives to save you money. We do all we can do to SAVE YOU MONEY.

Attention: You do not have to shop on-campus! If you pay upfront, out of pocket, for your textbooks at The General Bookstore and wait for the unused portion of your financial aid to be reimbursed to you, your money will go farther. You will spend less and SAVE MORE!

The General Bookstore will buy back your unwanted textbooks at competitive prices, year-round!  We pay up to 50% of the new textbook price – it does not matter where your textbook was purchased – or if it was new or USED. Simply bring in your unwanted textbooks and we will be happy to help you.